10 Used Cars Made To Last

When buying a used car, or any car for that matter, you want to know you’re making a good investment.

Is this car worth its selling price?

Will it cost me a fortune to keep up?

Is this car going to last?

If these questions have crossed your mind, read on to find out which one of these vehicles might suit your needs.  According to Kiplinger, you might even see some of them frequently on the freeway…


1984-1996  Oldsmobile Cutless Ciera

These models hit the streets when GM quality was on the rise and sales were coming to a halt.  Their longevity as used cars can be attributed to the fact that all of the kinks had been worked out prior to their production and the great care and service the first owners took.


1989-2002  Geo Prizm

What’s a Toyota Corolla by any other name? A Geo Prizm, along with two more Corolla-like versions in the Chevy Nova and Pontiac Vibe. Built in California by a GM-Toyota team up, these used high mpg cars just keeping running.


1990-present  Subaru Wagons

Highly popular in areas of the country that experience all seasons, these used cars have endured the elements. Their all-wheel drive is what allows them to weather all of the storms they encounter.


1927-1996  Volvos

The key to Volvo’s success is that they built almost exactly the same car over and over again for 25 years. Within this production, quality always preceded style and because of this Volvo safety has left a great legacy.


1992-2011  Ford Crown Victoria / Mercury Marquis

Law enforcement agencies have used them for years, so why not you? Their V-8 engines, body-on-frame construction, and solid rear axle are more than enough to handle anything that comes your way.


1957-1975  Fiat 500

This incredibly compact European favorite still runs along the streets of Italy. It’s size and simplicity have helped it last throughout the years. Though it doesn’t come with a lot of power, it is ridiculously easy to fix.


1975-1985  Mercedes 300D/300DT

These cars are highly reliable because of their inline-five diesel engines. Once again, some of these long lasting luxury cars can be attributed to their caring owners and timely servicing.


1976-present  Honda Accord

You probably see a few of these used cars each time you’re on the road. (I know that I was driving one just a few months ago myself.) Honda has a reputation of reliability that precedes them. They also put engineering and engines at the forefront of their designs.


1982-1990  BMW 3-Series

All of these used BMWs are still cruising around thanks to their easily available parts. Although they are readily available, keeping these cars going can come with a pretty high price tag.


1987-2001   Jeep Cherokee

This Jeep was in high demand when it hit the streets as the first small crossover SUV in the U.S. It came with a straight-6 engine and did not have the traditional body-on-frame construction.



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